Kehlar (experiment666) wrote in celtic_music,

I have a few bucks towards some mp3s at amazon. I'm looking for celtic recommendations. Maybe Irish welch, or some obscure scottish. I tend to appreciate traditional songs, but I'm a fan of the Dust Rhinos, less so the newer Gaelic Storm. I love traditional ballads (tam lin, cruel mother, Edward, etc.)
I like older Mckennit, but frequently find that her newer/more popular stuff bores me. I like the trad. sea shanties. I can go really rough, but overly smooth often bothers me. Rough like Seamus Ennis although I can go rougher, Smooth like the stage shows that started with Riverdance, and now are on to celtic women and Thunder something or other or kings something. You know the shows though, they have the ear to mouth mikes and possibly some instrument playing that looks fake and probably some choreographed dancing or standing around dramatically.
Help me out, I'll probably buy an album.
Recommendations? Favorites? Collections?
I'll certainly stray to Wales, Cape Breton, possibly England.
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