albionwood (albionwood) wrote in celtic_music,

Celtic Colours Festival

Celtic Colours is under way and we're soaking in music. First Oak & Thorn review is up: Tunes Galore - 5 bands in one show! Missed most of the Festival Club - it was packed and we couldn't find a place to park - went back around 2AM and caught the last two acts: blistering instrumental sets from Brendan Power and Tim Edey, and a great set from The Outside Track.

Managed a decent night's sleep - almost 7 hours, practically unheard-of at these festivals! About to head off for lunch, then the Piper's Ceilidh at 2 PM, followed by a community-hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at 4:30, then it's down the road to Whycocomagh (love these Micmac names!) for Natalie MacMaster and 4 other bands. And I'll probably go from there to the Festival Club again, while Herself cranks out another review. That's something like 8 hours of music in one day.

We'll be posting a review pretty much every day on Oak & Thorn, and shorter notes on the Oak & Thorn Facebook page.

Anybody else here attending this Festival?
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Gahhh, jealous. My parents are at the festival right now. They have a house over in Tarbot (near North River, about 20 minutes from St. Ann's). I haven't been able to make it up for the festival since.. '06? Something like that. Far, far too long. I know a few folks that are performing this year, though. I used to take classes with 'em at the Gaelic College when I was younger.

Try to make it to one of the dances in West Mabou if you get a chance. I enjoy those more than the ones in Glencoe. I never attended any of the adults only dances though, since I wasn't old enough at the time. Those may have lots going for them too. I've only been to CB once since I turned 19, and we didn't make it to any dances.
We never managed to make one of the dances, alas. There is so much going on, and only 20 hours a day to take it all in. (Us old fogeys just have to get four hours of sleep.)
I wish I was, even though I don't know about this festival and have no idea where it is. :)

Been several years since I was at a Celtic festival, alas.
The link in the original post will take you to the Website which will tell you all about it. :) It's on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. And it is all kinds of awesome!