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Celtic Musicians' Community

The Music Lives On

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Welcome to the
Celtic Musicians' Community!!!

This is a place where we can all gather and share our passion for Celtic music. All who hold Celtic music dear to their hearts are encouraged to join. Come and take part in the music!!!

After you sign up, feel free to post an entry to introduce yourself and maybe inspire some conversation!

Some guidelines:
-Respect the opinions of others, though you are free to disagree.
-No racist, sexist, inflammatory, derogatory, or otherwise hateful and/or crude comments are acceptable.
-Limit unnecessary "colorful" language as much as possible.
-When posting in a language other than English, please post an English translation as well. (This is so that there is a common language for the community and so abadoss and the maintainers can moderate it if necessary)
-NO (I mean NONE) CORPORATE ADVERTISING!!! Advertising for local gigs and concerts are fine, but outside of that, it will not be acceptable!
-Keep the community clean and fun!

Any question regarding maintainance of the community, feel free to send an e-mail to Celtic_Musicians@yahoo.com or contact abadoss (the administrator).