kamomil (kamomil) wrote in celtic_music,

I am taking lessons, I'm a beginner, but I took piano lessons for a number of years.

I had hacked around on my own before taking lessons, I learned a version of Whiskey Before Breakfast from a MIDI file (on this page) I have it memorized, but my bowing and use of slurs was not appropriate to make it sound good.

I now want to re-learn this tune with my teacher. I have software that I can print out the MIDI file as sheet music, and the teacher is fine with that.

However every search I do on Youtube, it's not that version, it's a different one. For the most part, I was not fond of it, but I found an Andy DeJarlis version that is similar, that I am fine with. (found here)

I want to use only one version with my teacher. Which one should I use? I like the MIDI one because it's more elaborate, but I am thinking if I want other people to play along with me, it's more likely they will know the Youtube/Andy DeJarlis version.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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